Tonebridge Guitar Effects

Tonebridge Guitar Effects

By Ultimate Guitar

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2016-08-19
  • Current Version: 2.3.6
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 133.14 MB
  • Developer: Ultimate Guitar
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 5
From 3,659 Ratings


Play your favorite songs in their original sound using your iPhone or iPad! It's a whole new experience in learning songs. EASY TO USE for BEGINNERS Tonebridge gives you the sound of the original song without special guitar knowledge—just plug in your guitar into iPhone or iPad and start playing. Choose from 9000+ song presets from light acoustic sounds of "Come As You Are" to crushing heavy roars of "Master Of Puppets". GEEK FEATURES for ADVANCED PLAYERS Choose from 100+ amps, cabinets, pedals and microphones to create your own unique tones, with full control of every sound setting. Publish tones to the catalog and gain attention from thousands of Tonebridge users. WORKS ON EVERY GUITAR and BASS We created presets that sound great on every guitar, bass or acoustic guitar with pickups. Even if you want to play heavy metal on an old Fender, the sound will still be familiar. Features: • 9000+ presets for popular songs of different genres • 7500+ demo samples for effect preview • Favorites to have a quick access to your favorite presets • Pedalboards to quickly switch between presets • Collections of presets handpicked by Ultimate Guitar editors • Intelligent feedback and noise reduction system for a clear sound • Low latency for real-time playing • Information about pickup settings • Preset requests to get a preset that is not already in the app Advanced features (also for free!): • 100+ amps, pedals, cabinets and microphones with tons of settings • Access to the insides of any tone and tone tweaking • Creating your own tones • Publishing tones to the Catalog • Audiobus and Inter-App Audio support • Audio Unit support (can be used in GarageBand, Modstep, Auria and more) • Bluetooth controllers support Compatible devices: • iRig, iRig 2, iRig HD, iRig HD 2, iRig Pro • Ampkit Link • Apogee JAM, Line 6 Mobile In, Line 6 SonicPort, iRiffPort, Alesis IO Dock • Rocksmith cable (with Apple camera adapter only) Follow @tonebridgeapp on Twitter to read the latest news and secret tricks in Tonebridge. Have a suggestion or comment? Shoot us an email at Rock'n'roll for everyone!



  • Wow

    By Johhnbbbbbb
    Where’s this been all my life?
  • Pure Awesomeness!

    By matthewstellar
    I just bought bias fx for $40 and then downloaded this app. I have to say I’m liking some of the models on here better! Stellar work Devs! This is one of the best free apps I’ve ever stumbled upon. Please please please fix it so inter-app audio works with Cubasis 3 Or with AUM . Thank you again for this amazing free app!
  • The most fantastic effects processor!

    By ayman
    They claim it’s no longer under development and I hope they don’t abandon it. This little app is the BEST guitar effects app ever. Not just because its free, but also because the community makes pedals for songs you want and you just plug in, tap, and go! Eric Johnson, Pink Floyd, whatever...just a search and you got your tone and with another tap, the tabs! Other apps and stomp boxes which cost hundreds can’t hold a lighter to ToneBridge. I hope they keep maintenance updates at the very least because it will be sad for the Ultimate Guitar ecosystem if it quits working.
  • Completely Amazing

    By PapaChungo
    The sounds you can get with this app are incredible! Absolutely love it! Makes guitar playing even more fun than it already is 😎🎸
  • App not working

    By Neptunekiller
    This app quit working right after the newest ISO update not only on my iPhone but also 2 iPads
  • Inspiring

    By Vitalel
    Inspiring in the sense that for some material you can focus on the piece rather than dialing in the sound. Presets for some pretty niche artists are solid.
  • NoOh no yeagh Hooahah ohh oh-yeah I-I’m coming

    By PeeteyD
    To tell everyone about how this is the most ingenious app and haahoahow how easeeeeiyye-ye-ye-ie it is to use in “concert” with GarageBand (pun intended) and it is the ideee-eeallll-alallll ideeeal way-way-yay-yay-ay-ay ahh ho god hoooo nononono pleztop! Plez! stop! pleztop!wait! I gotta finisishishishishsish shtop it aaPLEZ! ZTOPET! NUW! WAEYT! HOULDON. WAEYT. UNAMUNIT EK? NUWGOWAYE...K. anyway, Since the stock guitars can sound nice and flat it’s a nice way to enhance how the distortion is going to sound on guitars, giving it much a larger ballsy crunch explosion double humbucker tone you want to eat like carpet at the carpet store, I mean what is with that or is it just me? Everytime I’m around so much new and unvarnished carpet and upholstery I usually wish I could eat it for some reason it seems like it would taste good at the time when I’m actually there physically inside the store surrounded wby all of this Aaaaaaanyway, yes it is so rad to try out and compare the different pedals/songs/tones with one another I can easily obliterate 3 or 4 hours of my day going through them all. Better than I expected it to be by quite a bit. Only a couple minor bugs but it’s not a big deal I’m sure it will be refined over and over like most
  • Awesome app

    By Finn TDW
    This app is so awesome I just wish you added more preseats
  • Love at first strum

    By bluemeanieface
    100% free for use jamming and recording on your bass or guitar. Integrates fairly easily with GarageBand and most DAWs. Scroll through thousands of (successful and less successful) attempts at recreating tones by your favorite axe wielders. Users develop sounds you can play with simulated amps, cabs, microphone placement, stomp boxes, processing units, you name it. You are also able to experiment to your heart’s content and submit content for the rest of the world to enjoy. Try this before you buy expensive packages from other companies. I sound like a commercial but I really really love this product. Not often updated but who cares? This is more than enough for as long as it works on my iPhone. Thanks, devs. Rock on.
  • Best app ever

    By pinkandblossom
    Great for my son.....