Iron Throne

Iron Throne

By Netmarble Corporation

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-05-15
  • Current Version: 5.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 298.47 MB
  • Developer: Netmarble Corporation
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.23013
From 1,473 Ratings


A new era has begun in Iron Throne. Join the epic war on a restless battlefield against players worldwide. Rally with players across the world and lay waste on the battlefield. *7 Features You Can Enjoy Only In Iron Throne right now* - Updated Dimensional Battle with real-time PvP: "Duel" mode - Unique heroes with powerful skills and in-depth characteristics - The ultimate strategy game: fight until the last man stands in "Battle Royale" - Compete to become the best alliance in Alliance Tournament: "Team Deathmatch" - Who will you trust, who will you throw to the wolves? Enter a fierce war with other alliances to win glory in "Domination" - An absolutely stunning "World Battle" with full 3D graphics and vivid animation - The final story is finally revealed in Iron Throne's epic Town Mode saga ---------- Minimum system requirements: CPU Dual-core 1.2GHz, Ram 1GB (iPhone5, iPad mini2, iPad 3) Gameplay may not be smooth if the game app is installed on the device with less than 1GB memory. *This app offers in-app purchases. You can disable this feature by adjusting your device’s settings.* By downloading this game, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. -Terms of Service: -Privacy Policy:



  • All love

    By hazeloi
    Love the game hoping for new kingdom so I can get back into it
  • Unplayable

    By OG Sexy
    Game crashes every time in the opening tutorial.
  • Crashing

    By SirChocolatelyCrunch
    The game always crashes me during the “tutorial” it started about a year ago and my game crashes every time I enter the hero screen which makes it unplayable I’ve tried exiting and restarting I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling I’ve even tried waiting until the next update or patch but it’s just the same problem I rated it 3 starts because I have played it before this started and it was very good but this bug really ruined it if this could be fixed It would be appreciated
  • Very misleading

    By Joey D 1167
    Ok so I make it my thing to play mmo war games and review them..Played about 60+ in a year but I only play 3-4 games reg.. most don’t make it past three days a week and so on..Well I thought this game might! Beautiful graphics, love all the challenges, events... different things to do to gain power and get stronger...But this game is smart! This game probably gives the most rewards and even Peace shields and they’re cheap and gives you tons of gold to buy them that makes it seem like hey I have a chance to actually play this game and compete! Until you get to level T4 troops! The amount of resources and especially the cooking times? Are absolutely ridiculous I can only imagine with the higher tier ones are 😂 I mean giving out tons of power, might.. whatever you wanna call it & gold and speed ups... it’s all relative to what the higher tier stuff is going to be and I can already tell it’s going to be ridiculous and geared towards pay to win players your cash grab players! I will spend a little if I have a chance to compete...not a ton... I learn my lesson playing mobile strike grrrr that’s a whole other story smh Anyway... I don’t think they Nerf your soldiers and there’s not enough info out there about this game but games like Lords Mobile(I play) You can actually become a trap base! Look up trap base.. we’re players just make millions and millions of tattoos and keep their power low and a higher power player hits them and they wind up losing more troops more expensive troops.. I just wonder if you can do this in this game? But again the problem on info on that there is not a lot of info on this game even though it’s two years old not a lot of players from what I’m seeing lords mobile tons of videos tons of people written about that game is easy to get info this game see seems to be stagnant... stale & never really took off! I don’t know I might continue playing and just make hundreds of millions of lower tier troops and see what happens LOL because I do enjoy the game I think it’s a cool game but again it’s blatantly geared towards players that want to spend a ton of money if I had the money I might spend a little more but I don’t if I continue playing I will give you an update if I do do a lot of lower tier troops and let someone hit me Haha A JRock Review!
  • Best Graphics and Gameplay

    By D3M1S3
    By far the best looking and most interactive game in this mobile genre. If they advertised, this game would be the biggest mobile game of all time. If you are tired of the joke games made by high schoolers who downloaded photoshop and their cousin who can code, (Pick any other game in the this genre and that sentence applies) then come play a well made game.
  • Not a bad game but.

    By lighttank
    Have been playing this game for a few days started out pretty good. but when I click on my here Roderick it shuts off, this is the only issue I have with the game. willing to give it four star rating but would be nice if it didn’t shut down like that.
  • Looked ok but ,,,

    Will Not work on older iPads and android. And the graphics ne3d improvements, looks old generation. I’ll try again on my phone
  • Bitter ~ Sweet

    By billysims4u
    4-27-2020 This is a high strategy wargame. It is in how you set it all up. I have seen level 30 with a power of 20 billion power beat a level 35 with 70 billion power it’s in all the way you set it up. If you have an older device then this game will drop you will not be able to compete . You have to have the best Internet connection and the best fastest device you have to spend a lot of money this is the only way you will be able to compete. The battles are missed matched one event war you may be the big power and then the next battle / war you may be the weaker power on different games it’s always mismatched. You can play for free and hunt monsters and the strongholds and play the battles but you will never be in the top five unless you can hit it on an off day like battle royale were only three or four are playing and the rest is the computer. The Packs that you buy range from one dollar to $5. $10 $20 $50 and $100. Price they give away a lot. It is the best pvp game by far. Great graphics fun imaginative story line. Unfortunately for me I do not have a fast Internet connection and a fast device so I drop from the game four times every hour. I spend 100 average a month for a year I am 20 billion in power. Try it play for free but you will be farmed and hero’s Executed but you can always get all those resources back and heal the hero and play again so you will also get rewards and gifts so you play it you’ll see. Join a big alliance as soon as you can. Lol it’s very funny to me I have a love hate for this game it’s bitter sweet. I have lost more then won because my device is old and drops. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it... lol Women are better players... lol
  • Take the castle message off because is bothering me

    By no major
    I don’t want the blink castle message on my kingdom pls take it off and my profile account on that game is Majortyler pls take it off so I it won’t bother me
  • Good, but please show the power of deployed units.

    By BACON??🥺
    This game is pretty darn good. I love it, it much better than some of the other games in this particular genre, it has good graphics good gameplay, and the ability to rotate your xx view of the city. I’m having a good time playing, but I just want to suggest that the units I’m deploying show the overall power of the unit. Because I get nervous when I attack something, because I don’t know if my units will shatter like glass the moment I reach another base. Also, is there any way I can delete units I don’t need. Because do not want to pay upkeep for dead weight.