June's Journey: Hidden Objects

June's Journey: Hidden Objects

By wooga

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-10-04
  • Current Version: 2.7.4
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 296.47 MB
  • Developer: wooga
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.68513
From 154,933 Ratings


Solve mind teasing mysteries in the glamorous 1920s! Dive into June Parker's captivating quest to unveil a scandalous, hidden family secret. Escape to an era of opulence and romance as you search for hidden clues through hundreds of stunning mind-teasing puzzles! * ARE YOU READY FOR THE JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME?* * KEEN-EYED DETECTIVES WANTED – Engage your sense of observation to find all hidden clues * YOUR 1ST CLASS TICKET TO THRILLS – Mystery! Danger! Romance! Where will each new chapter take you? * MYSTERY WITH ADDED GLAMOUR – Relax through hundreds of dazzling hidden object scenes and customize your very own luxurious estate island * 12 MILLION FANS ALREADY LOVE IT – Don't miss out on the latest hit from the makers of the mythical hidden object classic "Pearl's Peril" * A NEW EPISODE EVERY WEEK – Just like your favorite TV series, look forward to a new mystery in each new chapter, and a new chapter every week! --------------------------------------------------------------- Visit us at http://wooga.com Like us on: facebook.com/wooga June’s Journey is free to download and play, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. You may require an Internet connection to play June’s Journey and access its social features. June’s Journey may also contain advertising. Terms of Use: https://www.wooga.com/terms-of-service/ Privacy Policy: https://www.wooga.com/privacy-policy/




    By RaeDooz
    I started playing this game and can’t get enough of it! I now have 3 friends, my Mother, my Father, my Sister and her boyfriend playing it. We were able to get on the same team for challenges and we have a group text string going where every day we all text and say “coffee up!” (You’ll understand after you get this game and become as addicted as we are.) Super fun!
  • I love this game!

    By bsr33647
    I want to buy it but I don’t see an option for it. There are no ads either, so I’m confused how it can be free.
  • Fun game, but kind of frustrating

    By Cooker1141
    I have loved playing this game up until now. I generally don’t mind paying a bit for diamonds, or coins if I want them, and have paid for them several times while playing this game. Unfortunately, this has brought me to a stand still in the game. My island is full because I can’t get enough compasses to build my island. If I put anything in storage I lose the flowers? That is frustrating because sometimes I earn the same item 3-4 times in star boxes and I can’t find enough room to put them on the island, but I also can’t advance in the game because I lose the flowers even if I store them or sell them. This takes all the fun out of building the island because it’s just a bunch of stuff slammed together so I can keep playing. I think I should get to keep flowers once I earn them.
  • Frustration in June’s Journey

    By Adicted to this app
    Fun game but no direction. You’re on you’re on to try to figure out what to do next. I got to a point, nothing I tapped worked & yes, I had plenty of power or whatever you want to call it. Getting frustrated & ready to move on to something else.
  • I got ripped off

    By susan ozbun
    I recently downloaded the app and have been loving it. Today, I was offered “PERMANENT ENERGY” for 788 diamonds so I spent 50 bucks on an in app purchase AS THE APP SUGGESTED, but only received a minimal amount of energy!. ?! This is most frustrating to have swindled so terribly! If the developer is reading this, I should hope they’d immediately refund my 50 dollars or fix the HUGE GLITCH IN THIS GAME! Until then,,,, I advise to NEVER purchase anything in this game as it is possibly a huge scam! So now, the developer has reached out offering to help but absolutely refuses to call or tell how to proceed in getting back the 50 dollars they stole from me!!! I’ll say again...... my name is Susan ozbun. My phone number is 321-271-5788. The app suggested I pay 50 dollars to get permanent life. I got minutes worth of life. This is theft and unethical. They may say “oh so sorry. We will fix this” but this is a complete lie!! They have my bank account. My email address and even my phone number. Until they make it right, I say.... If you get this game...... NEVER EVER MAKE AN IN APP PURCHASE!!! If they reimburse me, then, I’ll update this very true and annoying review. please beware!!!
  • Ads On Steroids

    By SusieToo2
    Apparently I'm at the highest level (778) because now I have to wait for (four) days to play the next level. Thus, don't hurry your game. I have watched hundreds of hours of their ads. Lily's Garden. . .absolutely detest that game - and I've never played it. They run that ad over and over, ad nauseum. These people don't do ad teasers, they do ad torture. I wouldn't play that game if they paid me. If you love ads and like to pay money to have to wait four days to play the next level (against one other person) then this game is for you! Plus, they keep taking my bad reviews down.
  • Frustrated

    By 29Jewel
    I love this game but not today as it won’t open up either saying I’m not connected to the internet or reload! Well I am connected as I checked and I have no idea what is wrong now......☹️☹️☹️ I have to say that I’m impressed that my complaint was addressed and given an incentive so I give this game 5 stars as it’s been for me the most fun out of any game I have played. Probably my only concern is that my island is almost full and wondering if there will be expansions so I and all the other players can continue to play.... Highly recommend this game!!
  • Great Game with Minor Problems

    By D0nnab7
    It is absorbing and captivating game with great graphics. I know that a lot of players have mentioned long waiting periods of time, if you don’t want to spend any real money. Yes, it certainly would be much nicer to be able to progress, and especially to expand the land at more rapid pace. However, my major problem is not even that - it’s overcrowded with objects island. I think that the major improvement to the game would have been the ability to store items without loosing flowers. I understand why reselling items gives you only half the price you paid for it originally. However it does not make ANY sense at all that stored items withdraw flowers. Why? It’s still your item, you still own it - why do we have to display all ugly and tasteless items we had to purchase in order to progress quicker? Don’t get me wrong - most items and buildings are well designed and tasteful. I also understand that it’s not possible to satisfy everyone’s taste - pretty sure that the same item would be viewed as cute by some, and as ugly by others. The point is - there is not enough space on the island for everything! Personally I enjoy designing the island. It is quite frustrating that every time, when I design any corner of the island to my satisfaction, I have to jam another item in there because I run out of space. Please, please consider changing the rule about storing items! It will help the game to be much more enjoyable without compromising its challenge.
  • **Please let us store buildings!!**

    By Geneva234
    Wooga! PLEASE change the app to let us store our buildings!! I don’t have enough space for them all and to decorate! I can’t move things around easily because of all the buildings I have and my land is almost full. I like to buy the seasonal sets and just don’t have room. 😢
  • Materials

    By sajota
    I love this game but I wished it’d give out more materials not only “paint” I have 500 “paint” and just a few of the other materials cause “paint” is all that comes out as prizes. Annoying! I’m really tired of getting “paint” I pay money too. Every game I get “paint”