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Military humor at your fingertips. Veteran owned and operated, VET Tv recreates and parodies the military experience to deliver absurd, non-PC humor you can’t get anywhere else. We stopped taking ourselves seriously a long time ago and started laughing about the good ole times in the military. Maybe you've asked yourself, "Why does Hollywood always get it wrong? The military doesn't talk or act like that. Give me something real about the military!" We did too. That’s why we created VET Tv, where dark comedy and an authentic military voice finally come together to bring you the funniest TV shows ever made about the military. What you'll love about VET Tv: • Original TV shows you can't find anywhere else • New content released every week • Every branch of service represented • Downloadable videos • Closed Captions / Subtitles What you'll hate about VET Tv: • Loss of social life due to a VET Tv addiction • Hernia from laughing so hard • Desire to enlist or even re-enlist Download the app to subscribe* or you can subscribe on the website and log in on the app. Watch however you like to watch stuff - phone, tablet, TV, or your computer at *All payments will be paid through your iTunes Account and may be managed under Account Settings after the initial payment. Subscription payments will automatically renew unless deactivated at least 24 hours before the end of the current cycle. Your account will be charged for renewal at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current cycle. If you are broke or want to cancel, just disable auto-renewal. Privacy Policy:  Terms of Service:



  • Recommend

    By OdinsWrath73
    Some stuff is super cheesy but over all extremely enjoyable!
  • VetTV

    By AnotherSoldierWhoEnjoysVetTV
    Great stuff not for sensitive people 👍🏻
  • Godspeed champions

    By russelltlm
    I gained 3 inches!
  • VET TV

    By I love this s game!!!!!!!69
    Great show and place. Awesome to see aht you guys are doing for the vetean community
  • Makes my days in the military a little less depressing.

    By wishiwenttocollege
    I wake up everyday day, go to work, stand watches, get yelled at go back to the barracks, shower, eat and lay in my bed. Then I stare at the ceiling for a good two hours. My mind is totally blank by the way when I do this. Then I remember there’s and episode of Drone Boyz I haven’t watched and end up watching VET Tv for a solid hour. Got my friend into it now he’s a subscriber too. Anyways y’all got a job for me when I get out?
  • 🇺🇸Civilian Enjoys VET Tv🇺🇸

    By Hoonior
    VET Tv has made me laugh, hell I even cried a lil. I have enjoyed it more than I would have thought. Forget youtube! This is where it’s at‼️ I have always loved and respected out Military but VET Tv has given me a new appreciation for our American Badasses....Thanks is VET Tv❗️
  • Make me happy

    By Name_In_Use
    I wasn’t sure at first, but decided why not let’s give it a shot. Then go figure, after I subscribed and was about to start all the punks I work with started talking about it. So I was glad to get it, now I see a lot of the guys that I’ve followed on YouTube anyways and I’m glad to support them. Have yet to see a skit or sketch that I didn’t think was accurate. Keep crushing it, guys!
  • Love Vet TV

    By Owens3682
    Great for post 9/11 veterans of any branch. Those of us that have served during GWOT have a unique experience in American wartime history compared to our predecessors. The dark humor is actually cathartic and healing. It’s also hilarious.
  • Weak little hearts out there 💔

    By Jesse_0119
    To the guy who left a massive paragraph and a one star review about how this dark humor comedy, about grunts, combat, and everything related to the military. How the military is infested... harden the f$@$ up and stop being a massive pog. Sorry you can’t relate. Sincerely, every grunt.
  • Actually Relateable

    By Maximusdessimusmeridius
    A show that actually portrays the stupid stuff that happens in the bricks, in the field, and just everyday life in the marine corps. Legitimately awesome, and mad funny!!!