NoObesity: Professional

NoObesity: Professional

By Health Education Wessex


The NoObesity: Professional app aims to enhance and support the knowledge and skills of health and care professionals in preventing children becoming overweight and obese, by equipping families to manage their own wellbeing. The companion NoObesity: Family app helps by providing tailored advice to families, allowing them to set and track health goals, identify potential barriers and record their progress. The NoObesity: Family and NoObesity: Professional apps can be linked, via a QR code, which anables the family to share their goals and progress with a you, a health or care worker. For example, this could be during a GP consultation or a visit to the local children’s centre. You will only see the family’s survey results, goals and progress. This will allow you to better tailor the support you provide to the family to help them live healthier lives and so reduce childhood obesity. We’re super-excited to release our app to you. We hope it will do a lot to help families live healthier happier lives. If you have any issues with the app, please email ​​ rather than leaving a review, so we can make the app better and help more people. Thanks - the NoObesity Team : )