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Smart Park Montreal manages more than one million street parking spot in Montreal ,it will plan your parking on the street according your needs. 1. Be notified of the parking ban period Once the user has activated the Parking Alerts feature, SPM automatically detects the car’s position after the first road trip. The user will receive notifications 15 minutes before the parking ban period is up, if applicable.  2. Find a parking spot Depending on the parking period, the user will be able to find a spot in the nearest streets from his actual position and know the signage in real time. The 3D map indicate all kind of parking :  - Parking ban in red (parking time if applicable) ; - Parking in green (parking time if applicable) ;  - Parking meters by a logo (rates, hours and maximal parking period) ;  The user will also be able to get informed on the parking availability in a specific area by entering an address or a postal code, or by a single click on the map.  3. Get to the car This feature ensures the user a safe return to his car that is located by geolocation after the first road trip and the activation of the Parking Alerts feature