BTS Universe Story

BTS Universe Story

By Netmarble Corporation

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-09-23
  • Current Version: 1.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 1.98 GB
  • Developer: Netmarble Corporation
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.80328
From 3,950 Ratings


Your story becomes our universe. Let's create a universe together! BTS Universe Story is officially launched! ◈BTS Universe Story Intro◈ ■ The Most Beautiful Moment in Life - 7 Boys' Untold Stories - Original stories based on the official BTS Universe ■ Create Your Story - Create stories quickly and easily, or level up with expert tools! - A totally personalized story-creation system ■ Make Choices That Impact the Story - Uncover the fate of each character with your choices! - A choice-based playthrough system where you influence the ending ■ Create your Own BTS Universe Collection - Build your collection and your personal universe! ◈ BTS Universe Story Official Websites - Official Website: - Twitter: - Instagram: ------------------ ※ This app offers in-app purchases. You can disable this feature by adjusting your device’s settings. ※ By downloading this game, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. ※ Gameplay is supported on tablets. - Terms of Service: - Privacy Policy: ------------------ [Subscription Information] Membership: Premium (US$7.99/Month) - Subscriptions can be purchased and used by making an in-app purchase and will renew monthly after the first purchase until cancelled. - Monthly subscription fees will be charged to your iTunes account. Cancellations can be made by logging into iTunes > Account > Subscriptions. Failure to cancel the subscription within 24 hours of the payment date may cause the item to renew automatically. (*Subscription cancellation policies follow the store's cancellation policies.)



  • How do you expect us to write stories?

    By memcpedlFAN
    First of all, I just want to say, I LOVE THIS APP! The stories, the AR, EVERYTHING. Anyway let’s talk creating stories. 1. Not enough backgrounds. I’m trying to make a story in a huge house with hallways and a creepy vibe... I only have like 2,3 backgrounds that I like. We should have the option to make our own backgrounds. This doesn't have to be free, it could be like 50 coins for each, idk, but at least give us the option. 2. Not enough reactions. As I said, I want a creepy vibe and want my characters to walk scared (which there isn’t). They can walk THEN be scared or be scared THEN walk, but no! 3. Hard to write on mobile. Look! I know this game is inspired by the game Episode, but if you’re gonna copy, do it well! At least give us like a website to write our stories in. I like Epsiode a lot and when i learned there will be a BTS of it, I was sooooo happy, but I thought we will have a writer or smthng! Please do a website or even an app on PC. Writing is hard on my phone. I can do it for like 30mins, yeah, but just writing this review is making my fingers hurt! Then just adding a new part (?) for reactions and talking and movement and camera! The Epsiode writer is hard, yes, but i rather spend 5 hours on Youtube and tutorials than to spend 5 hours doing something I couldve done in 3 hours on PC. 4. Jewels are EXPENSIVE AF! Like yeah, you’re trying to make money. I know! But 2 jewels A DAY! I know that’s the minimum but the max is 6. SIX! One costume is 375! Let’s say you get lucky everyday, It will take you 62.5 days just from the ad thing. I know there are achievements but... no! Plus $1 for 30! That’s 1 jewel per $0.03! Again, 1 costume is 375 jewels. That’s about $12.5. You know what I can buy, for that price? AN ACCUAL BTS HOODIE! IN REAL LIFE! 5.Tickets should take less time overtime. Like the more you spend tickets, the faster they get?... Like It takes 1 day to get 4. Let’s say you spend all these tickets for 1 month. The next month (or 30 days later), you can get 5 tickets a day! Then 6... 7,8,9 and then max out on like 10 idk! Ok. These are MOST of the things I don’t like about the game, but I know you’re doing a good job! PLEASE NOTICE ME J SPENT 20 MINS WRITING THIS REVIEW!
  • Great but an issue

    By maham1256
    I love this game as a fan. However, the game automatically shuts down after a minute of logging in. Due to this I have been unable to go past episode 7 of the story. Please if you could fix the issue it would be nice. I really enjoy the game.
  • JinHit allow there to be cake

    By Tamaki Miku
    Allow yaoi and smut to go on this app and this game will really take off. All you have to do is turn the other cheek like Jesus. Think of all the money you could make.
  • Crashing

    By Mendes Is My Bae
    This game was fun at first and it still is, but now when I try to play a chapter it just crashes, really upset about it because it was a good game but it’s really annoying that it’s crashing like I can’t even play it now.
  • It’s alright

    By MJLoverNerd
    I’m not going to give this app 5 stars just simply because it has BTS’s name attached to it. Even though this is a free app, for the steep price of 27 dollars, can you actually do what this app was marketed to the fans as. To emerge yourself into their story. Some of the stories from users are highly inappropriate, but what did anyone expect when you gave us free reign. Also the affinity thing. One story, I’ve been counting up the affinity points, to choose one choice, you had to have 19 however at that point in the story, you could maximum have only 18, so you were forced to choose the non-affinity choice in the story which also locked you out of being able to gain more character affinity points. That’s kinda unfair...well not kinda, it is. What’s the point in giving us the ability to choose choices when some authors can cheat you out of different storylines to their stories? I mean, I like this app better than I thought when I found out users could create their own stories and stuff cause had some qualms about that as if you aren’t a big fanfic reader, you haven’t seen /everything/ that could be out there. But I think it’s cool, but the affinity thing and giving us a little bit too much free reign is a little bit of a put off. Also 6 hours for each ticket. Even 4-5 would be better. You have to wait so long (I’ve played and still play other story apps that have a slight better system) and there are a lot of stories. It kinda leaves me bored or not really wanting to read unless the app happens to gift us free tickets. Also this app is glitchy and has caused me to lose 3 tickets so far when it crashes before the story loads, so yeah that’s fun. Really fun. Overall the app is okay at most. Just because it’s a bts related app, I’m not going to lie and say it’s perfect. It has its problems. I might change this when the other member stories come out in December. But for right now, this has been my experience with it.
  • System Error

    By 0x0anon0x0
    Every time I want to play this game I get a system error. Why am I letting it take up 2gb of space on my device if I can’t even use it? What’s the point? I have since deleted the app. Update: The developer claimed I have to reinstall this app every time I see this error message. I was getting this message every night! Not during the day. You’re telling me that every night I have to reinstall this app? It takes forever to install since it’s so huge with 2gb of storage space. No thanks.
  • dumb

    By bxbsbsbshsbsbs
    i just sat here for thirty minutes with the same screen playing over and over again like why is it taking so long? and i know some one is fr gone say “your being impatient” no i’m not the game is just really trashy and slow
  • Jewels

    By Tyfv20.03
    I don’t mind that there is a system to ‘purchase’ the story(a lot of games do something similar) but the amount need to purchase that collection of 7/8 episodes is too high and we should be able to pick an episode one at a time. Like, each time you go in you get a new episode to read and are being paced. That’s what I would better than giving 200 jewels for 7 episodes and have to wait a while for the free jewels since I don’t want to buy them
  • You HAVE to pay to be able to play the official books

    By Akimarama
    I got this app thinking that it was about how BTS started and how our choices would affect their rise to fame, but when I got the app I realized it was something like Episode or Choices, which isn’t actually the issue. The issue is that after playing two initial official books, for unlocking the third one you need 200 diamonds (whereas at the beginning of the game you start with 20 diamonds, and playing the official books at least doesn’t yield anything). And to get all the books, you have to actually pay around $27 in order to be able to play. The rest of the stories are fan-made ones, which are fine on their own, but thank you, I don’t need an app to read visual BTS fanfiction, I can read them online and use my own imagination. And the good thing about Episode (since these two apps are very similar) is that I don’t need to pay to play. In other words, this app failed to deliver. Such a disappointment, especially when you’re using a name as big as BTS that definitely doesn’t need that money.
  • Awesomeness wonderful app

    By casper cece
    I love it great story