Gold Medal Gymnastics Academy

Gold Medal Gymnastics Academy

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Download The Gold Medal Gymnastics app today and get full access in the palm of your hand! BOOKING ON THE GO With the Gold Medal Gymnastics app, you can quickly find and register for the classes that are right for your student. MOBILE NOTIFICATIONS Stay in the know by enabling push notifications and never miss an announcement from Gold Medal Gymnastics again. VIEW YOUR STUDENT’S ATTENDANCE Our app puts your student’s attendance right at your fingertips. No more wondering about when your child missed a class. SEE YOUR SKILLS See how your student is progressing in their class with Skills. Practice pays off and with skills, you can see all of the areas your student is excelling in. View skill attempts, passed skills, and feedback from your student’s coaches. MANAGE MAKEUPS Know your student won’t be able to make it to their next class? Submit future absences and makeups within the app with. Use your makeup tokens any time of day by signing your student up for a class. ALL IN ONE DASHBOARD With the Dashboard, see when payments are due, birthday notifications, and view news articles posted by us.