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  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2019-12-02
  • Current Version: 7.0.3189
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: UserTesting
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Score: 2.84146
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The UserTesting app allows you to influence the biggest brands, latest technology and innovative companies. Through this app you can qualify for and complete mobile tests. Take tests by answering questions and completing tasks while speaking your thoughts aloud. To join the UserTesting panel, visit on your desktop and apply to join our global community of testers. You must first join the UserTesting panel on desktop before you can use this app.



  • Impossible to log in

    By zzzelinska
    I am trying to sign in into my account I have with UserTesting but based on what I see on the pages is just the sign up process when a new user is creating a new account. There is no ability to select a ”sign in” option (for those who have an account with UserTesting and don't want to create a new one). After opening the app the page with the email field appears and after entering the email and clicking ”Next” button a page with text ”welcome to the Dynamics panel by Microsoft Businness Applications Group”. After clicking ”Next” button on this page I see the page with text ”Tell Us About yourself” and there are 2 fields: first name, last name. This looks like I am creating an account. On the next pages I need to enter my Zip code, Pay Pal account, Username and Password. After entering the password I see an error message ”PayPal email has already been taken”. Yes! This is my Pay Pal email I using for my usertesting account. I just want to log in and take tests in the app. I use iPhone 7 iOS version 12.4.1 so my phone is compatible with this app (based on your app description). Right now on my Usertesting Dashboard on desktop I see 7 pages with tests to take on Android and/or iPhone smartphones. I see this list of available tests every day, they do not disappear, so I may think that other users also have issues with the app. Otherwise there would not be such a long list of available tests. Hope the developers will read this comment and will make some changes so there will be an ability to sign in.
  • Use the desktop

    By pauljalessi
    I feel that this app is limited and confusing. I also feel that they don’t explain everything well via text. For a service that wants you to speak and record the text they should do the same so you understand clearly what they want and or have a person you speak to prior to starting. They also don’t have enough texts on a regularly basis you can do. I have gone through several ore screening to hopefully get one test. I tried this for about two weeks, did two test and a total of $20 and have spent hours trying to get approved for tests. It’s a waste of time in my opinion.
  • Stupidly easy money

    By Laurenstwright
    Love the insanely easy money to be made! I may do 1 test or 5 tests in a day. It’s great for extra cash! (I started this around October 2019 and now- May 2020 I’ve probably made around $700.) The only thing I hope to see improved is the ability to filter jobs that are live meetings vs. the standard think out loud tests. From my phone I can’t tell if the jobs available on the other devices are live or not, so this would also be nice to see changed. Overall great app. Insanely easy $$$$
  • If you’re not using this app you’re missing easy money.

    By K. L. Rychardson
    As a skeptic I have been proven right too many times concerning online survey or UX testing. They always seemed to good to be true, shady or some mix of the two. That all changed when I met this app and website. The sign up process can be a tad confusing and takes some time but these people run a stellar operation. The tests take somewhere between 12-25 minutes and I get paid consistently. I usually earn around $100 per week and the payment is sent directly to my PayPal account 7 days (to the minute) after you complete the test. If you take this seriously and really give your honest opinions you will enjoy the process and help cool companies in the process. You can do it in your spare time or more. You definitely won’t qualify for all tests but I easily get 10 per week at $10/test. Check it out for yourself and I hope you like it.
  • Awesome app overall

    By TaKeItFrOmMe0101101001
    I really enjoy this app. Easy and simple I have to do is be honest and speak my mind I appreciate this app so much pays pretty quick. I wish I had an option to quick pay myself & deduct a dollar or two but they need time to review my reviews so makes sense. I advise anyone who gets the opportunity to use this. DO NOT do it on your phone. Personal experience I did not get paid and it had a hard time to submit, it never submitted honestly so that was 40 minutes of my time I’ll never get back. And another test online through my laptop also had a hiccup however I have received payments aside from those two $10 incidents. I couldn’t even file a complaint the site went down for awhile because the covid-19 pandemic but when it came back up. It was really nice to put my time towards. Hopefully someone sees this and resolve the issues I had & if not I’ll just do it from my laptop
  • Wont Submit the test

    By Samran K.
    Took the test 4 times over only to be greeted with “unable to submit recording.” If you are hoping to make a little cash, STEER AWAY from this. It’s really not worth it. What a spectacular waste of time! Kudos.
  • Never paid

    By just a fat chick
    I followed a link from a game to get a $60 Amazon gift card. I did the test exactly like they said to. I’ve contacted support twice. No response. And no gift card. A waste of my time. I wouldn’t have done it if it was a scam.
  • Good concept but no tests for me

    By Averygk
    I thought this would be a good idea to make a little extra money but none of the tests are available. The screening is always so specific and none of them end up applying to me.
  • I really regret becoming a tester with them

    By decibelreputation
    I have been a tester with UT for about six months. I have submitted FIVE support tickets within this time and have NEVER received ANY TYPE of response. Ive provided my phone, email, and user name; Ive filled out their silly forms multiple times. Ive tried using the app and their website to request support. THERE IS NO SUPPORT or HELP for TESTERS, only a worthless bot and a sparse FAQ page. Last weekend I was scheduled to participate in a live intervies that was estimated to take one hour. I gave up a shift at work to participate in it. I logged in and followed the instructions to download the test website. Then my laptop switched off with no warning. When I tried to boot up, it kept forcing a shutdown. Couldnt even get to the login screen to access safe mode or a reset. Frantic, I submittec a ticket to support, also clicked the link in the email for when you have tech troubles. After five mins and no support in sight, I went to the web page and found their support section. Its a bot, and when you tell it you need to speak to a live person, its only response is “tell me, I can help, it may take a long time to reach support.” That bot is right I guess- six months and not a single response to five tickets. So let’s tally this up: Lost shift at work + No test from UT + busted laptop = REGRETS! I am a tester with two other similar companies and have never experienced the dearth of support that Ive found here. BEWARE going in as a tester or interface owner.
  • Super frustrating

    By Laura Isabel Sanchez
    Before you take ANY survey they have you do a “Test Screener” to make sure you qualify for the test, despite the survey being “open to everybody”. I’ve taken over 40 test screeners and have been declined for EVERY survey even though the survey says anybody can take it. What’s the point of having an account if I can’t even take the surveys ?!?