chARacters - an AR photo app!

chARacters - an AR photo app!

By Tinkercademy Community Showcase

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People are unable to take pictures with their favourite characters due to reasons such as the lack of time or unavailability of characters. If you’re facing this problem, chARacters is just the thing for you! It is an augmented reality app which renders 3D models into the real world to be captured into photos, anytime and anywhere. The simple user interface makes chARacters suitable for all age groups! EVERYONE and ANYONE can have fun using chARacters by taking a picture with their favourite characters. Our app has a plethora of characters to choose from, including a Koala, Forest Troll, Zombie, and T-rex! How to use our app: 1. Select your category! 2. Select your chARacter! 3. Find your chARacter: - Some chARacters are bigger, so you can move your device back until you see it - If you are unable to see your chARacter, move your device around to search for it 4. Adjust the chARacter on the screen: - TO ENLARGE / MINIMISE: Pinch the screen gently with two fingers - TO ROTATE: Press one finger gently on the screen and move the finger around - TO MOVE: Use two fingers, press gently on the screen and move them together in the same direction - You can view these in the instructions screen by clicking the "Instructions" button next to the camera button. Swipe down to return to the camera screen. 5. Press the button to take a photo! 6. View your saved photo in the gallery!