Minesweeper Original Reboot

Minesweeper Original Reboot

By SkyPaw Co. Ltd

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2011-07-07
  • Current Version: 3.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 26.24 MB
  • Developer: SkyPaw Co. Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.46
From 100 Ratings


The best new way to play the classic Minesweeper, fully optimized for iOS! Control, Graphics & Animation simply make "Minesweeper Original Reboot" a revolutionary remake of this classic. The task is simple: mark and sweep all mines in the field. This classic game play is just that simple yet so exciting and challenging. "Minesweeper Original Reboot" is perfect for brain practicing and short time playing at any time. Play now to test your deduction skill as well as your finger speed! What make "Minesweeper Original Reboot" special: - Optimized for guaranteeing fastest game play and best control experience: Careful designed just for touch devices with super fast and easy control (TAP to open square, TAP & HOLD to drop flags, DRAG to move board around, PINCH to zoom) - Auto save and load, never lose your current game even if it is completely quit or crashed - Elegant, beautiful graphics with lots of cool sound and animation effects - Support both portrait and landscape rotations on both iPhone and iPad devices - Auto resize board to take advantage of whole screen - Auto scrolling board after every touch (optionally enabled/disable) which is convenient to navigate the board without manually dragging - 3 zoom modes for board: 1x, 2x, 3x to suit any finger sizes. Note that the scale up does not effect the image quality - Quick overview mode which allow seeing the overall board and quick jumping, extremely helpful for large board sizes - Hint to open any given square at any time: very helpful for 50/50 situations or when getting stuck - SUPER HARD level + CUSTOM level allowing the max board size up to 72 x 72 - Share your results via email or social networks - Step-by-step instructions for people who have never played Minesweeper before Other common features: - 3 traditional levels: EASY, MEDIUM, HARD - First touch guaranteed not to hit a mine and always opens a range of squares - Flagging/Digging modes - Local statistics: best time, number of wins and losses - Game Center support - Natively, beautifully run on all iOS devices Have fun and enjoy playing "Minesweeper Original Reboot"!



  • Speaker not following sound preferences

    By oh well 12376
    The new ad model makes this game not desirable as you can not set speaker volume for ads
  • Harassment for ad free purchase.

    By JP 3338
    This used to be a great game. Just recently they changed it so that you have to say no to buying ad free game after practically every game. The ads never bothered me, but this forcing of asking to pay for ad free after about every game is really annoying. I can’t find any where to turn it off. I am sure there are other mine sweeper copycats that don’t do this. I’ve had this game and enjoyed it for several years, but now it is so annoying that I am starting to look for other games to replace these beggars for money. If they are that hard up for money, they will probably be dropping off the app site anyway, so it is probably prudent to start looking for a developer that is not on the verge of bankruptcy or going out of business. This is the only conclusion or opinion that I can draw from this change in behavior. In addition to this they also turned on a function that asks if you want to pay for hints after practically every game too. What other conclusion can you come to? Maybe they bought a 300 foot yacht and need to pay for it. Us minimum wage people don’t have much sympathy for that either. Annoying to the point of harassment.
  • Fun

    By Sandman61
    This was a fun minesweeper game
  • Good game.

    By LeadedJester
    This is a pretty fun game to play when you are passing the time that reminds me of mine sweeper on Windows computers, but I do have one thing that would be a good addition to this game. It would be really nice for there to be a save function so that if you start a fairly large map, you can save it and open it later where you left off, as it is often hard to complete large maps in one sitting. Aside from that, I really like how you can mark where you think the mines are rather than having to remember where they are.
  • Good App

    By Brian221973
    I like The App A Lot. It's Cool.
  • Saved games?

    By ZDub117
    Bought this for one buck thinking it would save my game. Nope. If you back out of a super hard game (400 mines) to answer a text or to take a break, you lose your progress. I wish they would fix that
  • Just like old skool!

    By Theswindler
    Just like old skool! I don't think it can go black and white like Windows 95 version but not bad
  • Nice implementation

    By A Mac, Photoshop and a Beard
    Beautiful implementation of a classic. Thank you to the developers for allowing us to play while listening to our own music, too. That's huge. :)
  • Done with this app 👎

    By TimDawgz
    I like minesweeper games and was really enjoying this app until I've had it crash on me too many times in the middle of a game for no reason at all. I wasn't even touching the screen this last time when it crashed and lost a game I had been working on for a little while. Crashing is bad enough but then losing my game in progress at the same time is simply unforgivable. I'll now be deleting this app. Too bad. It was my favorite version of the classic game but there's no sense in playing a game that you can't finish. FYI this is on my iPhone 6 running IOS 9.2 and there were no background notifications or other system related interruptions, no background music playing and I have a 98% charge.
  • Fundamental issue

    By Vipsé
    I think this version of minesweeper has a programming issue that ruins the game. Often times I will lose a game when I hit a box that shouldn't have a mine in it, and it does. For example, I will have figured out that a mine is on the board, flag it, and it's touching a "1" - this means it's safe to reveal the other boxes touching that 1. Upon revealing them, I find that there is more than one mine touching that #1 box.