PDG PROmote 2019-2021

PDG PROmote 2019-2021

By ForceReadiness.com

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  • Release Date: 2011-11-23
  • Current Version: 6.1.3
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Why should you join the countless Airmen who have already been promoted using this app? Read on… 1. PURCHASE ONCE, USE FOR A CAREER! PDG PROmote provides lifetime free updates. Why should you have to pay for a new app every time the study guides are updated? You don’t pay $0.99 for these apps. You deserve lifetime updates. We know that your promotion is important to you but that doesn’t give us the right to take advantage of it. Should the Air Force resume testing for the SNCO ranks in the future, rest assured that we will include those ranks in the app too. 2. OUR QUESTIONS ARE SIMPLY BETTER. Many of our users have commented to us that our questions aren't as simplistic as other apps. They make you think a little more. The actual exam seemed easier. PDG PROmote provides TOTAL COVERAGE of the AFH 1 based study guides. 3. OPTIMIZE YOUR LIMITED STUDY TIME. You have a full-time job. We know you need to get the most out of your limited study opportunities. PDG PROmote makes it easy for you to maximize the effectiveness of your study sessions. Our Intelligent Test Engine automatically prioritizes the questions you need to study. You can further maximize your efficiency by choosing to study or test by ADTC. 4. BEING SKILLED IS WHAT MATTERS. We originally launched PDG PROmote in 2011. We are proud of the fact that it became the #1 selling PDG / AFH 1 study guide app after only 4 years. Our ability to extract important information and formulate great questions is second to none. Our success comes from our ingenuity, our competence, our processes, our work ethic, and our attention to detail. If we needed years and years of experience to master a document that you are being asked to master in mere months you probably wouldn’t want to use our app. 5. INTUITIVE DESIGN. PDG PROmote is simply the most intuitive and least frustrating AFH 1 study guide you will find. Experience the difference a great designed app can make. 6. AUDIO QUESTIONS. Yes, we use synthetic audio and not a real human voice but we include it in the app for free. It’s a popular feature that many of our users use on their drive to and from work. 7. DON’T BE TRICKED INTO PAYING SKY HIGH PRICES! You will be accused of selling yourself short. Don’t believe it. You will be asked to pay a small fortune for their "experience". Just remind yourself that you are being tested on a handbook (AFH 1) dated 1 October 2019, not 1987. You can easily find Airmen who have used our app and scored high. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. Our users pay two or even three times less, get the same or better results, and get free lifetime updates. Doesn't that sound wise to you? NOW ON MAC AND PC! Go to http://forcereadiness.com/pdg-promote-pdg-study-guide to learn more. PDG PROmote is an application aimed to prepare Airmen who are taking the Air Force Promotion Fitness Examination (PFE) or the USAFSE-United States Air Force supervisory examination. Its sole source of reference is The Study Guide for Promotion to (SSgt, TSgt), 1 October 2019. All study guides are sourced from Air Force Handbook 1 (AFH 1) dated 1 October 2019. Just select the appropriate study guide for the promotion grade that you are testing to and begin studying!



  • Great App to make it to the next Stripe...

    By Wabasherry
    The app itself is amazing in terms of testable material to come in the tests and tracks progress. The only two setbacks I see is that: 1. It won’t save any progress made in the “Create Custom Test”. If you make a 1,000+ questions test and want to rest a bit, if you press “Pause” you just lost all the progress you have made until now and have to restart all over again, discouraging you from doing it again. 2. I have sent numerous emails asking this company how to use the app/material in another devices, for example a PC. I bought this app here at the AppStore and I want to use it on my PC, but I don’t see a way. They promote the “Now On PC....” but it’s just to use the Microsoft Store, get the app and pay for it again. Oh and they have not replied back to any emails I have sent. So there is that.
  • Not all information is correct

    By Upsetlanya
    I like this app I use it along with the hard copy to study but every now and then I come across question that aren’t correct and there isn’t a way to flag the question for the developers.
  • Study study study

    By VdaVillain
    Great app it’s been helping me cover a huge portion of my study material needed for my upcoming test. I heard this app updates every test cycle but I’m not 100% sure if that’s accurate info or not.
  • Good app

    By Giovanni Riv
    It covers almost every sentence of the AFH1
  • Quizzes / Tests

    By CuppLife
    The app does not include tests or quizzes for almost all the relevant chapters and sections I am going to be tested on. Waste of money.
  • Missing lots of very important information

    By blusonnnnn
    The E5 study/test material is MISSING 17 sections!! All of the sections are from the “LEVEL OF COMPREHENSION ‘A’. remembering” That is debatable the most important and certainly most common test material. It’s ridiculous, we are studying tier 2 material according to the ADTC scale. List of missing sections for others to find in AFH-1. 1 A-D, 2 A-C, 3 B-D, 5 A/C, 10 B, 11 C/D, 12 C/E. Please fix this
  • Studying for Staff

    By fbbg g h ihjknih
    So far so good! Studying for staff love how easy it is to study and take the quizzes!
  • Great app

    By Kaduku7
    I love this app! It’s definitely worth the money.. it’s so easy to use and is ready at any time. I can study anywhere! The tests are also a great tool to help you for promotion!
  • Must get

    By EricMParker
    Instrumental in me making Staff first time.
  • Astounding App.

    First, I would like to thank you all for this great app, keep up the good work. I wish more people knew about PROMOTE. Also, just wanted to point out a missing dash on one of your questions on chapter 24.17. One of the answer options is (Review AFI 341201, Protocol) I believe there should be a dash in between the 34 and 12. Best of luck to everyone testing this upcoming cycle!