RenWeb Staff HD

RenWeb Staff HD

By RenWeb

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2013-03-04
  • Current Version: 3.5.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 7.24 MB
  • Developer: RenWeb
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 2.5
From 97 Ratings


RenWeb Staff HD enables teachers to access their students' information, manage their grade book, take attendance, record lesson plans, and place lunch orders - all from their iPad. 
 RenWeb Staff HD provides mobile access from an iPad to the following RenWeb features and information: STUDENT INFORMATION:
 - Demographic Information 
- Emergency Contact/Pickup
 - Family Information 
- Medical 
- Behavior
 - P/T Conference 
- Student Schedule

 - Student Alerts ATTENDANCE: 
- Attendance by Class
 - Two Columns for AM and PM Attendance 
- Yearly Attendance Report 

- Student Lunch 
- Staff Lunch
 - Add/Edit Category 
- Add/Edit Assignments
 - Add/Edit Grades
 - Controls for Grade Book Setup
 - Grade Book Progress Reports by Quarter GRADE BOOK WEB CONFIGURATION: - Announcements - Calendar - Resource links - Syllabus LESSON PLANS: - Web Lesson Plans
 - Web Homework
 - Homework Published From Grade Book 
- Copy From One Class to Another - Master Lesson Plan for year to year reuse of lesson plans REPORT CARD: - Add/Edit Report Card Grades - Add/Edit Student/Class Comments - Semester/Final Calculation - Add/Edit Skill Set Grades - Add/Edit Progress Report Grades SCHOOL:
 - School Calendar
 - School Announcement 
- School, Parent, and Student Directory COMMUNICATIONS: - Student/Staff/Parent/Group mass email - Student/Directory Individual email - Email Student reports REPORT MANAGER: - Access to Renweb reporting (by student/class/staff/etc) TO GET STARTED:
 1. Tap Free. 2. Tap Install App. 3. Tap Open. 4. Tap Login. 5. Type in your District Code, User Name and Password, and tap Login. 

The information displayed is at the discretion of the school and your individual security rights.



  • Bug Fixes just created more bugs.

    By BycroftLM
    Virtually unusable now..
  • Please fix

    By CO 14er
    This app has a nice layout and is generally easy to use. The downsides is it crashes about half the time, and it often tells me I can't take record on that day when indeed the date is correct. I just restart it then it works. Today as I am taking record suddenly the student names disappear and I can no longer take record. I noticed an update a day ago. Maybe there needs to be more real world testing and updating.
  • Sad Loss

    Our school was told that our Educators are no longer able to use the app, and I heard the same has been shared with several other schools. Sad with our modern technology that we are losing this amazing access. RenWeb1 is definitely not as user friendly or quick to access things as the app was. Please bring it back!!!
  • Frequent crashes make it impossible to use

    By NathanWJ
    Renweb is a service that has great potential, but the app execution here is lackluster at best, incredibly frustrating at worst. The app crashes so often while doing grades that it takes twice as long as it should. Some changes are never saved, causing issues with sending home report cards to parents, which not only makes renweb look bad, but causes the school’s that pay renweb for their services to look incompetent. It’s unfortunate that after waiting so long for an update to fix bugs, that they still haven’t fixed major ones like entering grades on report cards. If Renweb updates their app to work as advertised and without constant crashes and bugs, I’d be happy to update my review.
  • Gradebook fail

    By Hsmom09
    I’m curious why they won’t do an update given so many people that say the gradebook isn’t working. I agree with everyone else in that the app will only let me enter one grade and then stops working. I absolutely loved this app before the latest version. Super frustrating!
  • Great idea, poor execution

    By MDriesenga
    This app has all the bits and pieces there. It almost could be functional. But data entry is waaaay too buggy and the app often crashes after each individual entry. It’s just unusable. It’s as if when it goes to calculate, it cannot handle the computation power needed and just closes. If it worked, it would a fantastic tool and I’d use it all day every day. Instead, I’m deleting and recommending to my school we switch to a more user-friendly provider. This app is complete garbage but it doesn’t have to be this way.
  • Too many issues

    By cantfinduniquenickname
    This app seemed to work ok last year, but this year something is messed up. Every time I enter a student’s grade and try to go to the next student, it freezes with “loading”, so I end up having to close down the program. We have used RenWeb for three years now, and I think they do a terrible job with updates. It seems like they try new updates and formats without really checking to make sure the bugs are gone before implementation. While many features are nice, I often find myself extremely frustrated.
  • What happened?

    By lrkar
    It won’t let me update from student to student. I have to close out and start again with each student.
  • Major glitches

    By Jenntipp
    I can’t enter grades! It keeps loading and loading and loading and just stays stuck! What happened?????
  • Please fix

    By Blarry21
    The app worked great until a couple weeks ago. Can no longer enter grades. What used to be extremely convenient is now extremely frustrating.