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  • Release Date: 2014-07-13
  • Current Version: 2.5.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Developer: NAVER WEBTOON CORP.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.48485
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  • My favorite app but...

    By girlgamer373
    I been reading for years and it’s changed a lot recently and in a lot of good ways too! And the fast pass is a good thing too in a few ways like: you could read early, you support the author making the comic, and if the Author making the comic goes on a break you could still read even after a few weeks! But most people like I don’t want to pay for early updates every time I feel like reading. Not to mention the webtoon team need to warm you about the fast pass, because for the 6th anniversary you get ten coins to read early (five per episode) and I used it on Room of Swords (my favorite comic) and now I’m waiting three weeks for the next one! It was so annoying because I’m still waiting!
  • You should use this app

    By hip-hop I want to sex
    This app is really good it lets me read all the stories I want that’s on the app you should download
  • Daily Pass is Awful

    By Daw_etc
    What the heck is this new daily pass BS? Now we can’t binge a series? The first 10-16 episodes are open and then you have to return daily for a measly one episode ration?? The only point in having Webtoon was to binge series. Greedy.
  • Daily Pass

    By Jaidyn Jackson
    There’s this summer event where readers have a choice between two Webtoons to read 24 episodes of for 5 free coins; but BOTH of the series are daily pass? On a time limit of 5 days? Therefore making it impossible to read 24 episodes. That’s kind of stupid, but okay. Some other completed series are also on daily pass. I was upset finding out Bastard had it, too. Webtoon is great in every other way, though.
  • I love it

    By itssssss trashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I love the comics
  • Episodes

    By esmes🤪
    I’ve had webtoon for years and when i want to read an old completed comic, im only allowed to read one or two per day. They should really remove that or I might delete the app
  • I would love it.

    By jackie the Fennec fox
    I would love it but I can’t use it after a day cause I have to use a email address! I am 12 and I can’t continue my story!! I can’t ask my mom cause she will get annoyed I have to ask 5 times just to point this same thing in
  • Great! But..

    By iiCloudy
    I used to and I still do absolutely love Webtoon. I'm on the app every single day. However, now when I want to go back and read completed comics to relive old memories I'm faced with a daily pass. What? I know for a fact I could go back and re-read webcomics without having a daily pass to worry about not getting over a cliff hanger or something. Reminds me of Tapas.. I'm not the only one who doesn't enjoy the Daily Pass. I really hope that Webtoon takes this into account and discusses upon it. Thank you for your time.
  • Better Than I Thought

    By RBnickname*****!
    So about 6 months ago I downloaded WEBTOON for the second time (the first time I was 10, and most of it flew over my head). I didn’t set the stakes high, thinking “It’s just a comic app.” Well, I was wrong. I totally underestimated it. There are many good stories, and most update once a week, which I don’t mind because I know the authors work hard to post episodes. Many genres as well, ranging from superhero to romance to thriller to comedy, the list goes on and on. If you are reading this review, I suggest many many comics, but a few are: Brimstone and Roses, Lore Olympus, Adventures of God, My Dictator Boyfriend, Let’s Play, and Not Even Bones. (And many more of course). But seriously, download the app.
  • Amazing! But just a nit-picky thing

    By sincerly, tiktok lol
    if you like cliff-hanging, heart-warming, ever-thrilling comics that are constantly being created, webtoon is the app for you!!! there are so many creators, with so many different art styles and writing styles. they interact with their fans and answer questions. they are literally the people i look up too!! i just love this app. also, i'm a straight, texan, 13 year old girl, so it shows that any culture can be appreciated! also, here's a list of my favorite webtoons: clinic of horrors (comedy/horror) true beauty (drama/romance) not even bones (thriller) the little trashmaid (comedy/slice of life) midnight poppy land (romance) i'm the grim reaper (supernatural/thriller) lore olympus (romance) (MY #1!!!!) castle swimmer (fantasy/romance) i love yoo (drama) cursed princess club (comedy/drama) this is a long list but if you want to start off with any of these, they are my favorites. i strongly recommend you get this app. it's literally a way to escape my parents, to be engulfed in another world. books do this for me too, but for me, it's really special and a real treat to be able to interact with a certain fandom. the episodes update usually once a week, 8:30 for me (CST), and it is the highlight of my day!!! farewell readers; i hope you enjoy my advice and enjoy webtoon's creators' series! to the webtoon team: So i'm writing this review because i hope that someone from the webtoon team reads this. i love the app, i love the creators, i love the algorithm, i love EVERYTHING!!!!! There is one thing that i noticed though; in the series info, i.g. "True Beauty", webtoon says it updates on wednesday but for me it updates on tuesday. it's the day before for everything. it's not bothering me but i don't know how to leave a comment about this on the app so i'm writing it here. it really isn't a bug but it's something others might be confused with. also, not loving the daily pass thing, but i'm not really reading finished series so it doesn't bother me as much as others. love you team, you are my everything, mwah, mackenzie! p.s. i did not mean to rhyme that last sentence k bye