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Score: 3.5
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GameBattles is the premier competitive gaming platform with more than 10 million registered players participating on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile. The GameBattles app allows users to easily register for competitions, manage your teams and find matches across games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, Hearthstone and more! Your journey to greatness starts today. Will you wear the crown?



  • Read

    By osvfojabnrodvs
    I downloaded this app because I saw it had games, but when I made the account it said it would sent me a email to activate my account so I waited and waited and nothing happened. I got really annoyed so I made a different account and it still happened It didn’t send me nothing.
  • Terrible Admins

    By GuyWithBenefits
    There is a team in the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege ladder that is cheating. They are cheating by when they lose , they dispute it and let a GB admin that they know , review the ticket and giving them the free win even though they LOST! No one in GameBattles is doing anything to stop this team and the Admin from cheating. This team is call We MissPVPLive. Again, they are cheating because a team named Blood Wolves Gaming won against We MissPVPLive , but when Blood Wolves Gaming lost because We MissPVPLive submitted a ticket and let a admin that they KNEW, look at it and gave We MissPVPLive the win.
  • Store issue

    By mmpd1993
    Took 3 payments from my account. No credits received. No one will help resolve the issue. Just use players lounge instead
  • Can’t Sign up

    By KumaNamikaze
    I can’t sign up because it won’t send me the dang email that it needs to

    By Koopalicious
    Overall, the update changed the app drastically and I say for the better. Can't complain at all about the amount of work put in to make the app more accessible and easy to use. The absolute only thing I would love to bring back is the ability to see the members of the other teams ranks AND our individual ranks when matches get accepted. O Also, I’m having consistent trouble accessing team information.
  • Turn crossplay off

    By Biscut0876
    Turn cross play off no one wants to play against ps4 players I need a challenge give me Xbox players only
  • Great way to get in to competitive gaming

    By Anomymoussss
    So I been using this to get a competitive feel in gaming always have been a competitive gamer and it’s not really a bad app. There certain ladder u can play from doing 1v1 up too - 4v4 and it’s fun too there big games like Call of duty, Rainbow six siege, and even Fortnite. If u think your good enough there tournament to play in for real money too. Hope u download the app and play
  • Trash

    By MatthewMaeda
    App crashes after 10 sec what a disappointment
  • More games

    By Baron Boyz
    Decent app but me and my friends would love Titanfall 2 on it.
  • Down for maintenance..

    It has been this way for a week.I downloaded this app to play with my team and I Cannot get it to work past the opening page.Says twitter and Try again.I would give you zero stars if possible.